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About Metropolitan Outreach Worship Center
Metropolitan Outreach Worship Center is a Evangelistic and community oriented ministry determined to make a difference in the community and adjacent cities surrounding our Worship center.

It is our assignment to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the metropolitan area which includes D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Our Ministry include music worship, christian education, children and youth programs, senior adult programs, outreach ministries, transportation ministry, career development, substance deliverance, Share programs, community involvement. children's summer camps, Housing and employment referrals ect.

Our ministry began in October of 1997 at which time W. Abnthony Brown, Greg Johnson, Kenneth Scott, and several members formaulated a bible fellowship that would become a community choir and eventully in 2008 became a mission church through the assistance of Rev. Quinton Roberts and the D.C. Baptist convention

since our start we continued to increase and decrease as some establishments will do, but for the most part God through Christ have kept us through out all the loss and gains to the end that we were able to move into our present facility by faith and commitment from the faithful members who beleived in Christ to the acheiving of miracles. 

We are excited about the things that God is about to do through Jesus Christ in the community, city, state and country.  Our ministry have touched many individuals throught out the many years of ministry we have been in existense such as Football and basketball teams for youth, cheerleaders, arts and crafts, computer training labs, food and clothing programs, senior adult services, emergency assistance referrals and more. Be on the look out because we are armed and ready for ministry.
Committed to helping all people achieve their dreams